Hip implants instruments – Ascertain fast recovery with high-end orthopedic hardware

Hip replacement surgery is an elaborative surgery that requires many instruments and implants. A surgeon can accomplish the surgery procedure to the satisfaction only if all the implants and instruments are readily available as per the patient’s specific requirements. Hip implants and instruments  manufacturers provide all the orthopedic hardware to the surgeons with high global [...]

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Spine implants India – Perfect Solutions To Treat Serious Spinal Injuries

Spine injuries are serious in nature and can create further complications for the patient. The use of spinal implants is for making necessary correction in the spinal region. The surgeon stabilizes the injured spinal area so that fusion can be facilitated. The surgery is useful in ailments such as slippage of the spine, traumatic fracture, [...]

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Hip prosthesis – Quality Hip Replacement Solutions To Easier Movements

Hip prosthesis is a crucial surgery procedure to replace a natural hip with an artificial hip joint.  Many people get their hips disjointed or severely injured for a variety of reasons. Once there is a serious dislocation or injury to the hip, in most of the cases, it has to be replaced for better hip [...]

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Hip prosthesis – Perfect Solution To Hip Replacement Issues

For a variety of reasons, people suffer from different hip ailments. Many of them need complete replacement of hip with artificial hip joints. Hip prosthesis surgery is about replacing the injured hip bones with an artificial hip. Hip prosthesis surgery process involves an artificial hip that has two parts – a ball and a socket. [...]

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Cancellous screw India – Perfect solution to fixating issues during the surgery procedure

Cancellous screws are mainly used for fixing of cancellous bone. Mostly, the surgeons use these screws in metaphyses of long bones as cancellous bone is abundant in that region.  A reason why cancellous screws are preferred is that these have threads that are more widely spaced and deeply cut. This is the reason that cancellous [...]

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Maxillofacial Implants India – Treat Complex Facial Bone Injuries With Perfection

Many people suffer from disfiguring of their faces for a variety of reasons. The reasons may range from birth defects to facial injuries. Such patients can have adequate solutions to the problems by having maxillofacial implants surgery. The surgery procedure involves treatment of soft and hard tissues of the face, mouth, and jaw. Maxillofacial implants [...]

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External fixators India – Resolve external bone injuries with quality fixator systems

Orthopedic surgeons use the external fixators to fix injured bones externally. A main purpose of using these fixators is to stabilize the bone for its smoother healing. The soft issues also properly stabilized using the external fixators. In fact, the surgeons use these fixators in more than a dozen ways to treat fixing of a [...]

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HEMC Ortho – A Dependable Source of Global Quality Implants

With increasing numbers of people suffering from a variety of orthopedic ailments, the use of orthopedic implants has become common. The surgeons use these implants for treatment of a wide range of bone related diseases such as fracture, several bone injuries, and joint pains. The surgeons replace the damaged bone and joint to give relief [...]

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Get The Best Surgery Results With Locking Screw India System

Locking screws are one of the vital implants that orthopedic surgeries require to fix a bone related injury and joint pain. It is because of locking screws that a patient can move frequently. These screws keep artificial bones and other implants tightly in place. Locking screw manufacturers in India as HEMC Ortho meet global standards of quality [...]

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Hip Prosthesis India – Replace Injured Hip With An Equally Good Artificial Hip Implant

Hip prosthesis is a major surgery procedure. It is a lengthy surgery. It involves replacing an injured and non-functional hip with a new but artificial hip. The patient takes many months before recovering fully. But the surgery is made possible with the help of sophisticated implants and instruments along with the expertise of the surgeons. [...]

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