Locking Screw – Major advantages of advanced screws over conventional ones

Locking screws are crucial orthopedic implants that a surgeon needs while repairing bone injuries. These screws make it possible for the patient to move around in a flexible way without feeling much pain. HEMC Ortho exports the locking screws as well as many other screws like cortical screw  to many countries too, besides meeting the [...]

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General Instruments India – Manufactures Of High Quality Orthopedic Instruments

Orthopedic surgery is a lengthy procedure. During the surgery, the surgeon needs many general instruments to lend support or remove an injured bone or a joint.  So, a surgeon uses general instruments as a help to insert the main implants. Without these many instruments, a surgeon cannot perform orthopedic surgery such as hip replacement surgery. [...]

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Maxillofacial Implants India – High Quality Solutions To Facial Restructuring Surgery Issues

Maxillofacial surgeons are unique amongst all the surgeons’ especially dental specialists in a number of ways. These surgeons are experts in providing anesthesia solutions as well as deliver surgical solution pertaining to face. Maxillofacial surgeons treat problems related to the soft and hard tissues of the face, jaw, and mouth. The upper jaw is known [...]

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Orthopedic Implants – Make Global Quality Implant Devices To Cover All Surgery Needs

Orthopedic implants are crucial devices for the patients who are suffering from joint pains. Such patients usually need replacing of fractured bones with an implant. These implants work just in the same way as natural joints to provide mobility and relief from pain. In India, the manufacturers make high quality orthopedic implants covering all the [...]

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Hip prosthesis – Pick high quality of implants to meet the surgery needs

Many thousands of people suffer from hip injuries for a number of reasons including advancing age. Mostly, once a hip bone and joint are damaged due to some accident, especially in old age, hip prosthesis remains the only alternative treatment. In such a case, the hip bone and joint has to be replaced with an [...]

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Orthopedic implants India – meet your every surgery requirements with best quality implants

An orthopedic surgeon takes help of several types of implants to repair a fractured bone. In fact, there are as many types of orthopedic implants as there are the types of bone injuries. A bone fracture takes several small and larger implants to stabilize and fix the injured bone and tissue area. Orthopedic implants India [...]

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Hip Prosthesis India – Key Consideration For Picking Suitable Hip Implants

Hip prosthesis is a crucial surgery that replaces injured hip bones with an artificial hip implants for better movements and relief from pain. Some hip injuries are so severe that the surgeon opts for hip replacements as the only treatment.   As a patient, you must first have a detailed consultation with your hip prosthesis surgeon. [...]

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External Fixator India – Dependable Solutions To Stabilize And Repair Bone Fractures

Orthopedic surgeons use external fixators to stabilize and repair external bone injuries. A main initial purpose of the external fixators is to fix and stabilize the bones in place. These fixators are also useful in stabilizing the soft tissues. In such a typical surgery procedure, the surgeon uses pins by inserting them into the injured [...]

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Cannulated Screw India – High quality screws for fixation of bone injuries

Cannulated screws are hollow screws that have a hollow central shaft. It is to be noted that cortical and cancellous screws both can be cannulated. In orthopedic surgery, the use of cannulated cancellous screws is generally for metaphyseal fractures. The surgeons use cannulated and noncannulated cortical screws for fixation of diaphyseal fractures. In that case, [...]

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Ensure best treatment with global quality Hip Implants Instruments India

Hip replacement is an elaborative procedure. This surgery requires a wide range of major and minor instrument. It is on the basis of these vital instruments that an experienced surgeon performs the surgical process successfully without complications for the patients. Manufacturers of hip implants instruments India products make and supply entire range of these items [...]

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