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Orthopedic Implants & Instruments Orthopedic implant is a device that the surgeons use for replacing a missing bone or joint. The implants are used also to give support to a damaged bone.  Why patients need implants A basic function of orthopedic implants is to hold a fractured bone tightly and steadily until it [...]

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External Fixators India – Perfect Solution To External Bone Fractures

External fixators are used for treating the external bone injuries and fixing the bones in place.  This type of fixation is used to stabilize bone. The surgery also stabilizes soft tissues. In external fixation process, the surgeon inserts pins through the skin. The pins are inserted into the bone where it is held tightly by [...]

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Get Relief From Sever Joint Pain By Using Orthopedic Implants

Orthopedic implants are medical devices that are mostly used for fixing of bones. For a variety of reasons, many bones and joints need repair. Amongst these reasons, injury, disease and simply wearing out of bones are the foremost when orthopedic implants are required. These implants are also used when there is a need to fully strengthen [...]

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