Cancellous screws are mainly used for fixing of cancellous bone. Mostly, the surgeons use these screws in metaphyses of long bones as cancellous bone is abundant in that region.  A reason why cancellous screws are preferred is that these have threads that are more widely spaced and deeply cut. This is the reason that cancellous screws are preferred over cortical screws.

Another reason is that cancellous bone is much less dense. Therefore, cancellous screws threads can cut their path in the bone easily. This is because these screws are self-tapping, which means that they can make their path on their own when the screw is pressed. Since cancellous screws are partially threaded, they are used as lag screw also for metaphyseal fractures.

Cancellous screws are specially designed for the purpose of fixating metaphyseal bone environments. Due to the effectiveness of these screws, the surgeons use them more often. These screws are often considered as useful replacement for cortical screws when cancellous bone. Pullout strength of cancellous screws has been found to be much greater than the strength of cortical screws.

In several tests, cancellous screws were found to be biomechanically advantageous over cortical screws when the surgeons used in metaphyseal bone.  This means that cancellous screw India have the ability to achieve greater compression. The surgeons preferentially use cancellous screws over the other screws in metaphyseal environments

Quality control

HEMC Ortho exports high quality cancellous screws that are acclaimed by leading surgeons across the world. Entire range of these screws is tested on several parameters so that all the global medical norms are met. The screws can be accessed in various thread specifications ranging from very short to fully threaded forms.  The manufacturers use cutting-edge technologies. The material used is mostly the highest grade stainless steel and titanium. The screws are precision engineered and can be manufactured as per the clients’ specifications.

The manufacturers follow rigid standards of quality. Each phase of manufacturing right from designing to selection of the material and to finishing goes through strict quality control. This is the reason that India has big clients in overseas medical markets. The clients can also get customized screws as per their specific requirements. The demand is met as quickly as possible due to professional approach of the engineers, designers and manufacturers.