For a variety of reasons, people suffer from different hip ailments. Many of them need complete replacement of hip with artificial hip joints. Hip prosthesis surgery is about replacing the injured hip bones with an artificial hip.

Hip prosthesis surgery process involves an artificial hip that has two parts – a ball and a socket. These parts are known as prosthesis. The artificial hip, like the natural hip, has the ball fitting well into a bowl-shaped socket of the pelvis. When there is a need for a complete hip replacement, the surgeon replaces the ball and the socket both with prosthesis.

Basis for picking right prosthesis

The surgeons pick right type of prosthesis after evaluating a patient’s condition. Generally, a patient’s age and lifestyles are considered mainly before picking up suitable prosthesis. However, the surgeons usually prefer using hip prosthesis India products that they are comfortable with. Orthopedic surgeons usually want to use the implants that they have been using for many years.

So, that will also be a basis of selecting hip prosthesis for a patient. But make sure that you talk to your surgeon about the selection of particular brand of hip prosthesis India. Right choice of prosthesis is essential in fast recovery from the surgery and also to deliver the long lasting results.

In India, many types of hip prosthesis are available to the surgeons. These implants come in variety of designs and materials to suit different requirements of the patients. But not all these implants are suitable to all the conditions of the patients. Mostly, the surgeons prefer using the cement less hip replacement when it comes to fixing of the bones. In some cases, hybrid fixation is preferred when there is a need to cement the femoral component. Other methods include a reverse hybrid combination method and a cemented hip replacement.

If right hip prosthesis India method is picked up the surgeon, it always delivers the desired results for the patients. If the patient is young, the results are even better. For older patients, the surgeons generally prefer cementing the femoral stem with a cemented acetabular or cement les component.


The acetabular component is the socket part of the hip prosthesis while the femoral component is the stem part of the hip.    The stem does not require cementing as it can be designed to fit tightly into a thigh bone. Such as cement less stem is generally preferred by the surgeons. These stems are especially useful when special bone cement is set to hard lock.     

Quality material used

HEMC Ortho use high quality material to make these hip implants. A problem in the old technologies of manufacturing hip prosthesis was that the inferior material used caused inflammation and pain. This was because the inferior materials generated small particles. Now, the manufacturers in India use three bearing surface combination.