Hip prosthesis is a major surgery procedure. It is a lengthy surgery. It involves replacing an injured and non-functional hip with a new but artificial hip. The patient takes many months before recovering fully. But the surgery is made possible with the help of sophisticated implants and instruments along with the expertise of the surgeons. HEMC Ortho exports high quality hip prosthesis implants and instruments that are made as per the specific surgery requirements.

An artificial hip comprises of two main parts. These are a ball and a socket, which are called as prosthesis. The ball must fit perfectly into the socket, which is a bowl-shaped device in the pelvis. In the hip prosthesis surgery, both these parts of the natural hips are replaced with an artificial hip.  

Picking a right prosthesis

A surgeon must pick a perfect hip based on a patient’s specific requirements of the hip. Usually, the patient’s age, bodily structure, and lifestyles are the main considerations. However, most of the hip prosthesis surgeons prefer the implants that they have been using for many years. So, as a patient, you should find out which of the implants the surgeon will recommend for your conditions.

Generally, hip prosthesis implants are available with femoral or acetabular components. The surgeon replaces the natural ball of the femur with the artificial ball that is attached to the stem. Femoral component is locked to the stem and the thigh bone. The acetabular component works as an artificial socket. The ball of the femoral component fits into the artificial socket.

The surgeons can pick cement less stem that does not require any cementing of the stem to the thigh bone. But the surgeon may also think it fit to go for a cemented stem. In that case, the special bone cement is used for locking the stem in place strongly.

For the best results, cement less hip replacement is usually the choice for fixing the bones. It may be that your surgeon opts for hybrid fixation. This option is explored when there is a need to cement the femoral component. There are other methods too. For example, in some cases, a reverse hybrid combination method or a cemented hip replacement method can also be a better solution for a patient.

A surgeon with years of experience in hip prosthesis will deliver the desired results. The patient get much required relief from the joint pain. Movements of the hip joints are smoother and quality of life is much better after the surgery.

High quality material

HEMC Ortho is known for adhering to global quality standards of exporting orthopedic implants and instruments. We has all the expertise needed to make and deliver hip replacement implants to the surgeons and patients. These implants are made with high quality material, especially for the bearing surface. The two moving parts of the hip join at the bearing surface. Due to inferior material, this surface gets damaged soon. Because of the damage, the small particles from the material were released in the body. This caused pain due to inflammation.

To resolve this issue, the manufacturers use three bearing surface combination. They use metal on plastic, ceramic on ceramic or ceramic on plastic to make these bearings for lesser of the material.  Because of the quality of material, now the need for repeat hip surgery is rare.