Set consists of:

091.04.01C Hexagonal Screw Driver With Screw Holding Sleeve 2.5mm 1 Pc
091.04.02C Cannulated Hexagonal Screw Driver 2.5mm – 1.2mm 1 Pc
091.04.03C Cannulated Countersink Dia. 6.0mm 1 Pc
091.04.04C Cannulated Drill Bit Dia. 2.7mm X 150mm With Unlimited Block 1 Pc
091.04.05C Cannulated Screw Measuring Devise 1 Pc
091.04.06C Cannulated Tap, With T Handle, Cannulated Screw 4.0mm 1 Pc
091.04.07C Stylet 1.2mm 1 Pc
091.04.08C Protection Sleeve 8.0mm – 2.7mm With 2.7mm – 1.2mm Drill Sleeve 1 Pc
091.04.09C Screw Forceps  4.0mm Cannulated Screws 1 Pc
091.04.10C Threaded Guide Wire 1.2mm 1 Pc
091.04.11C Guide Wire 1.2mm 1 Pc
091.04.12C Wrench For Limited Block 1 Pc


Supplied in a Sterilize Box