091.07.001C Wrench For Adjustable Parallel Wire Guide 1 Pc
091.07.002C Multiple Wire Guide 1 Pc
091.07.003C Adjustable Parallel Wire Guide2.5mm 1 Pc
091.07.004C Limited Block & Cannulated Drill Bit Dia. 5.0mm – 2.5mm 1 Pc
091.07.005C Drill Sleeve 10mm-5mm & Wire Sleeve 5mm-2.5mm 1 Pc
091.07.006C Protection Sleeve 12mm – 10mm & Wire Sleeve 10mm – 2.5mm 1 Pc
091.07.007C Wrench For Limited Block 1 Pc
091.07.008C Screw Forceps For Cannulated Screws 1 Pc
091.07.009C Hexagonal Screw Driver With Screw Holding Sleeve 1 Pc
091.07.010C Cannulated Screw Driver Hexagonal 4.0mm – 2.5mm 1 Pc
091.07.011C Cannulated Countersink Dia. 9.0mm 1 Pc
091.07.012C Stylet 2.5mm 1 Pc
091.07.013C Cannulated Tap, With T Handle, Cannulated Screw 7.3mm 1 Pc
091.07.014C Threaded Guide Wire Dia. 2.5 x 250mm 1 Pc
091.07.015C Cannulated Screw Measuring Devise 1 Pc


Supplied in a Sterilize Box