Set consists of:

936.23.45 Cannulated Drill Bit, Plain Shank, Ø4.5mm / 2.25mm x 230mm 1 Pc
943 Cannulated Tap with ‘T’ Handle 1 Pc
940.04 Protection Sleeve for Ø4.5mm Cannulated Drill Bit 1 Pc
940.05 Parallel Wire Guide 1 Pc
657.001 Direct Measuring Device 1 Pc
660.23.20 Guide Wire with Front Threaded Tip, 2.0 x 230mm (Ø x L) 1 Pc
615.035 Hexagonal Screw Driver, Cannulated, 3.5mm Tip 1 Pc
662.28.20 Stylet,  Ø2.0mm x 280mm Length 1 Pc


Supplied in a Sterilize Box

Note: Cannulated Tap with ‘T’ Handle will be supplied according

to the Large Cancellous Cannulated Screw Set size being ordered