PRODUCT CODE : 3S3-506-01

651.001 Hollow Mill for 1.5mm & 2.0mm Screws
751.004 Mini Chisel, All S.S. 4mm
751.006 Mini Chisel, All S.S. 6mm
751.008 Mini Chisel, All S.S. 8mm
751.010 Mini Chisel, All S.S. 10mm
751.012 Mini Chisel, All S.S. 12mm
656.001 Mini Depth Gauge
646.015 Mini Drill Sleeve, 1.5mm
671.001 Mini Hand Drill
616.015 Mini Hexagonal Screw Driver with Sleeve (1.5mm Tip)
755.004 Mini Gouge, All S.S. 4mm
755.006 Mini Gouge, All S.S. 6mm
755.008 Mini Gouge, All S.S. 8mm
755.010 Mini Gouge, All S.S. 10mm
755.012 Mini Gouge, All S.S. 12mm
753.004 Mini Osteotome, All S.S. 4mm
753.006 Mini Osteotome, All S.S. 6mm
753.008 Mini Osteotome, All S.S. 8mm
753.010 Mini Osteotome, All S.S. 10mm
753.012 Mini Osteotome, All S.S. 12mm
899.001 Plate & Bone Holding Forceps, Guarded Point
661.001 Mini Plate Benders (Pair)
899.005 Plate Holding Forceps
705.006 Periosteal Elevator, Straight
648.015 Mini Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide
653.001 Mini Screw Holding Forceps (for Ø1.5mm & Ø2.0mm Screw)
741.144.10 Mini Self Retaining Retractor for Fingers, 100mm
741.147.15 Mini Self Retaining Retractor with Hinge for Metacarpals
899.016 Mini Self Retaining Retractor for Metacarpals
899.019 Reduction Forceps, Pointed
899.022 Reduction Forceps (Serrated)
742.006 Retractors, Hohmann 6mm
742.008 Retractors, Hohmann 8mm
742.010 Retractors, Hohmann 10mm
645.020 Tap Sleeve, 2.0mm


Supplied in a Sterilize Box