270.01.001C Drill Bit Ø3.2 X 150mm 2 Pc
270.01.002C Drill Bit Ø4.5 X 150mm 2 Pc
270.01.003C Double Drill Sleeve Ø4.5/3.2mm 1 Pc
270.01.004C Double Drill Sleeve Ø6.5/4.5mm 1 Pc
270.01.005C DCP Drill Guide Neutral And Loaded Ø 4.5 X 3.3mm 1 Pc
270.01.006C Small Impactor 1 Pc
270.01.007C Tap Cortical 4.5mm 1 Pc
270.01.008C Tap Cancellous 6.5mm 1 Pc
270.01.009C DHS/DCS Lag Screw Measuring Device 1 Pc
270.01.010C Tap For DHS/DCS Lag Screw 1 Pc
270.01.011C Threaded Guide Wire Ø 2.5 X 250mm, Trocar Point 1 Pc
270.01.012C Depth Gauge 0-100 1 Pc
270.01.013C DHS/DCS Centering Sleeve, Short 1 Pc
270.01.014C DHS/DCS Wrench 1 Pc
270.01.015C DHS/DCS Coupling Screw, Cannulated 1 Pc
270.01.016C DHS/DCS Centering Sleeve, Long 1 Pc
270.01.017C DHS/DCS Wrench 1 Pc
270.01.018C DHS/DCS Coupling Screw, Solid 1 Pc
270.01.019C Large Hexagonal Screw Driver SW 3.5mm 1 Pc
270.01.020C Screw Holding Sleeve 1 Pc
270.01.022C DHS/DCS T-Handle, With Quick Coupling 1 Pc
270.01.023C DHS/DCS Impactor 1 Pc
270.01.024C DHS Angle Guide 135° 1 Pc
270.01.025C DHS Triple Reamer 1 Pc
270.01.026C DCS Triple Reamer 1 Pc
270.01.027C DCS Drill Guide 95° 1 Pc
270.01.028C Empty Tray Incase Implants Are Also Required 1 Pc