Spine injuries are serious in nature and can create further complications for the patient. The use of spinal implants is for making necessary correction in the spinal region. The surgeon stabilizes the injured spinal area so that fusion can be facilitated. The surgery is useful in ailments such as slippage of the spine, traumatic fracture, chronic degenerative disc disease, etc. Spine implants India manufactures use high-end technology to make entire range of spine implants.

One of the main purposes of spine implants is to stabilize the injured area so that it is saved from any further injuries. The surgeons use these implants also for repairing of slippage of the spine. Another use of the implants is to treat chronic degenerative disc disease. The surgeons treat traumatic fractures using spine implants. Other diseases such as scoliosis are also treated effectively by the surgeons with the help of the implants.

Latest technology used

India has advance technology to design and manufacture spine implants of global quality standards. There is technology in place to refine the implants. This way, the surgeons have the perfect implants for the spinal injuries treatment. On the basis of the new technologies, India has introduced new spinal implants for the specific surgery needs. The surgeons can treat serious spinal injuries or any kind of deformities when they want to treat the injuries three-dimensionally. The new technologies are being used to make rod, screw systems, hooks, cages, special plates etc.

Major spinal implants

Orthopedic implants India manufactures make the entire range of spine implants. These implants include hooks, rod, pedicle screw, plates, cages, etc. The surgeons use rods to stabilize the injured spinal area. This implant is also used for contouring to align the spine. Along with the rods, the surgeons use hooks to anchor the instruments to the vertebrae. Pedicle screws are used by the surgeons in the pedicles of the spinal vertebrae. The surgeons use these screws to treat the area in the lumbar and the thoracic spine. The surgeons get strong anchorage points with the help of these screws to attach the rods firmly.Spinal implants such as cages are used between two vertebrae. These cages are light in weight as they are kept hollow. These are interbody cages are especially useful for increasing the disc height. The patient may lose the disc height due to injuries and other reasons.  Plates are amongst other chief spinal implants. Plates are useful for contouring the spine in the cervical spinal area. Screws are used to hold the plates firmly.

 Tested material used

Orthopedic implants makers use only well tested materials to manufacture spine implants. Not only these implants, but the concern about quality of material is also taken care of in making other implants such as hip prosthesis implants instruments India and maxillofacial implants India. For making spinal implants, mostly titanium is used for its qualities of being light weight but firm and strong. However, some makers use stainless steel also. The manufacturers use radiolucent material such as carbon fiber cages. A surgeon can assess the condition of the bone by using carbon fiber implants.

Some manufactures may also use non-metallic compounds to make spinal implants. The surgeons have access to these implants in all the shapes and sizes with global quality standards adhered.