With increasing numbers of people suffering from a variety of orthopedic ailments, the use of orthopedic implants has become common. The surgeons use these implants for treatment of a wide range of bone related diseases such as fracture, several bone injuries, and joint pains. The surgeons replace the damaged bone and joint to give relief to the patient.

HEMC Ortho is one of the leading orthopedic implants manufacturers known for its quality production of a whole gamut of the implants. The company makes sure that each phase of the manufacturing takes place with global quality standards met. Implants such as rods, screws, pins, plates and host of others including the instruments are made in India and supplied to the domestic and overseas markets.

Types of implants used in orthopedic surgery

There are many types of orthopedic implants. In fact, there are many implants used in treating a bone injury or a joint ailment. Depending on the types of bone injuries and joint ailments, the surgeons have access to all the required implants and instruments. There are implants used to relieve the patients of cartilage erosion in the knee, hip, shoulder and elbow. When the patient moves the joints there is a severe pain which is relived only by replacing the joint with artificial implants. The surgeons use implants also for correcting the dysfunctional joint.

The most commonly used orthopedic implants India are fragment implants that come in large, small and min sizes. Pins, interlocking nails, nails, maxillofacial implants, external fixators, cannulated screw and many others are the most used implants.

When are implants needed?

The surgeons use orthopedic implants India mainly to hold a fractured bone steadily and tightly during and after the surgery procedure. The patients can easily move around after the surgery.  They need implants when there is a severe bone injury and the bone needs replacement. Then, many patients find moving around difficult due friction and pain in the joints. In that case, orthopedic implants can relieve the patient from the pain.

After the surgery, the patient can resume daily chores of life. The mobility of joints is much better for the patient after the surgery. This means a lot for the patient due to improved quality of life. A skillful surgeon uses orthopedic implants in a manner that the patient does not need another round of surgery. The relief will depend also on the care the patient gets after the surgery.

Orthopedic implants manufacturers 

India manufacturers all types of orthopedic implants to the satisfaction of the surgeons. HEMC Ortho is a leading company that makes high quality implants and instruments. The company meets all the latest global quality standards of manufacturing. The manufacturers have a trained manpower and developed infrastructure. Right from the designing, developing and then producing the implants, each phase goes through a strict quality control. The requirements of the surgeons are also kept in mind.

In India, Orthopedic implants manufacturers regularly update their technologies. This helps in keeping pace with the global technological developments.