Hip replacement surgery is an elaborative surgery that requires many instruments and implants. A surgeon can accomplish the surgery procedure to the satisfaction only if all the implants and instruments are readily available as per the patient’s specific requirements. Hip implants and instruments India manufacturers provide all the orthopedic hardware to the surgeons with high global quality parameters ensured.

India manufactures all types of hip implants and instruments. High quality of the hardware is admired by every client including those from overseas markets. The instruments and implants are designed with professional accuracy and produced with global standards of manufacturing. Only state of the art technology is used to make these implants and instruments.              



Main implants and instruments

Orthopedic surgeons use many types of implants and instruments to perform hip prosthesis surgery procedure. The instruments most widely used by the surgeons include bone nibblers, spine instruments, reduction forceps, and bone holding forceps, hip joint instruments, and bone cutters basic instruments for small and large fragments.  

Most of the instruments used in hip prosthesis surgery come with life time warranty, which reflects high quality standards followed by the manufacturers. These instruments are custom made as per specific requirements of the surgeons so that they can handle some difficult operation challenges.

The instruments are mostly accessible in the sizes of 35 mm to 55 mm, which may vary by 2mm. Amongst such instruments are compression hip screws in a variety of sizes and shape. DHS lag screws, CHS barrel plate, CHS compressing screw, dynamic hip screw are other chief instruments.

Hip arthroplasty instruments are also essential instruments that are used for hip arthroplasty operations. These instruments are especially useful along with femoral heads. Having a customized neck design, these instruments are particularly helpful to the surgeons when they want to make different motions during a hip surgery procedure.

India manufactures an entire range of hip prosthesis instruments in different sizes and shapes including hip joint instruments, bone holding forceps, bone cutters, and reduction forceps.  

Major implants

Hip prosthesis implants ensure smoother mobility for the patient. The surgeon uses the implants as a tool to improve quality of life of the patient by making his or her movements free of pain. These implants are available in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and materials. A surgeon will choose the implants depending on some specific conditions of a patient such as age, degree of injuries and lifestyle.

Some of the key hip prosthesis implants are:

  • Bipolar Hip Prosthesis (Non- Fenestrated) Sterile
  • Bipolar Hip Prosthesis (Fenestrated) Sterile
  • Thompson Hip Prosthesis Sterile/Non Sterile
  • Acetabular Cup
  • Femoral Tapered Stem
  • Femoral Neck Ball
  • Modular Bipolar cup
  • Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis – Extra Long Stem of length 300mm Sterile/Non Sterile


 Consult your surgeon

When a surgeon picks a certain hip prosthesis implant for your condition, make some queries. You should ask the surgeon about the type of implant used for your case. Find out the reason behind picking a particular implant. Sometimes, surgeons simply prefer a particular implant because they have used that many times before. So, ask the surgeons some questions related to the implant.

You should also follow all the post-surgery instruction from the surgeon for fast recovery. Hip prosthesis surgery gives relief from pain and allows free body movements. The implants and instruments are of great help in getting the much needed relief.