Many people suffer from disfiguring of their faces for a variety of reasons. The reasons may range from birth defects to facial injuries. Such patients can have adequate solutions to the problems by having maxillofacial implants surgery. The surgery procedure involves treatment of soft and hard tissues of the face, mouth, and jaw. Maxillofacial implants manufacturers in India such as HEMC Ortho provides a wide range of  implants and instruments that the surgeons need, with high quality parameters ensured.

The surgery derives its name from the medical name Maxilla for upper jaw. Clearly, the surgery is related to the issues of jaw disfigurements and all the facial bone injuries. While common jaw injuries can be treated well by regular dental surgeons. But maxillofacial surgeons are required when the injuries are of serious nature. The surgeon’s services are required when there is a need for corrective jaw surgery procedure and expertise.

Complex facial bone injuries

These implants are useful for repairing congenital abnormalities. These abnormalities include many types of facial birth defects and orthodontic conditions that are of serious and need immediate treatment. The maxillofacial surgeons can also treat complex skeletal issues successfully. Usually, the patient is put under general anesthesia. During the surgery, the injured bones are reshaped and repositioned. The surgeons realign the teeth and jaw.

The cleft lip/ plastic surgery are one of the major surgeries. For this surgery manufacturers like HEMC Ortho exports all the required implants and instruments to handle the surgery successfully. Sometimes the surgery becomes essential for treatment of trauma due to serious facial injuries and damages after a traumatic dental injury. Even workplace injuries are also treated. The surgery is also highly useful for removal of tumor. The maxillofacial implants and instruments are useful to the surgeons for reconstructing facial structures.

Global quality standards

India is a leading manufacturer of maxillofacial implants and instruments. The domestic and overseas markets get entire range of these orthopedic devices from the Indian manufacturers. The surgeons are supplied with mini implants that are specially used in neuro surgery. Orthopedic implants exporters in India such as HEMC Ortho exports XL range of mini plates that are specially used in maxillofacial and plastic surgery. An entire range of plates in different diameters and screw is available to the surgeons. They can get mini bone plates that are known for continuous holes and bar. Other plates such as L shape plates, T, X, Y, and double Y shape plates, as well as 3 dimensional plates, orbital plates, reconstruction plates, and wire mesh etc are also made to the precise specifications.

Maxillofacial implants exporter like HEMC Ortho ensure high quality standards of the material used. Mostly, medical grade bio-compatible pure titanium is preferred for making the implants and instruments. The companies make sure that global quality standards are adhered to when using the material. Stainless steel of high grade is also used for making the implants and instruments. Therefore, the orthopedic hardware is completely corrosion free. The hardware is also tested for its strength before supplying it in the market. Only A-grade material is used in making the miniature screws. The threads of these implants are precisely cut as per the specifications issued by the surgeons. Global quality parameters are strictly followed at every phase of manufacturing in the Indian plants.